30 Soudan Avenue
Toronto ON

An existing office building transformed

This was a building with leaky exterior walls and windows, a tired lobby, and a poorly designed sequence from street to main entrance.

The entry is given new prominence with a projecting "frame" element clad in polished black granite. A wider, stone-clad stair and an adjacent garden wall further emphasizes the entry. The lobby and adjacent retail is enlarged and pulled forward, closer to the street, with frameless tempered glazing and signage added. A crudely built wheelchair ramp is removed and a new ramp integrated into the slope of the front yard with a tempered glass rail to become part of the landscaping (to be completed). The tower precast above is reclad in greenish-tan stucco. The parking garage entrance is refinished in black to de-emphasize it.

The lobby interior is finished in light wood veneer paneling.